Namco Bandai's Puzzle Might Be Hinting At Tales of Graces F Localization

Read. The. Big. Might. On. The. Title. MIGHT. JUST MIGHT. Just a few hours after Namco Bandai posted their little puzzle for fans to solve, avid fans have been finding ways on solving it. Though Mr. Richard Bantegui already gave the first clue for solving the puzzle, it seems fans are somewhat sure they've solved it already... have they?


This above is the puzzle Rich gave us. So far, he has released this as the first clue.

Now, after a little searching, fans have found this site, which has a really obscure image in its page and Namdai's logo linking back to their official site. With a little help of Photoshop, people have somewhat distinguished the Tales of Graces F logo within it. I've tried it myself, and this is what I was able to come up with:

The original image:

The image, after inverting the colors using PS:

This is the ToG-F logo for comparison. Some people also think that the little puzzle actually says "". Of course, people have been skeptical about the existence of the domain. Checking its background though, it's been registered since January 12. If this was a hoax or a troll, then whoever is pulling it shouldn't have known of the puzzle (unless somehow, he knew of it even before Rich announced it).

Update: Turns out it is the page in the puzzle. Thanks to Skye in the comments section for the heads up.

Another interesting thing. When checking the source code for the glyphs site, we see a "keeplooking" tag. When viewing the domain where the "supposed" ToG-F logo is, we see a "foundit" tag.

People have brought this to Rich's attention through Facebook and Twitter, but he's remaining to be blissfully ignorant about the whole thing and has not confirmed anything. So for now, we post this article as a RUMOR.

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