New Images and Info for ToV + New ToS-R Images + ToI Drama CD + ToH?

Famitsu just posted some new screenshots (low quality >_<) for ToV yesterday, as well as some new interesting info.

You can find all the screenshots in our gallery here and here, but I highlighted a few interesting ones within this post. 

EDIT: Also, thanks to Ju-da-su (who would like to credit Next Farecery from the TwinTales Forums for this), we have new magazine scans, which has info on Judith and Raven that I already told you guys about. There are three pages, herehere and here.

EDIT #2: The ToV Main Site has just been updated with info on Judith and Raven, info on 2 new cities, 5 new screenshots, and battle information on Secret Missions and the Gigant Monsters (info below). The screenshots have been added to our gallery, and you can find them here (at the bottom). I've also added the new official art here. Please give time to our translators for this new info on the towns.

For the info, they have the same details about Judith (Judy! Lol for Yuri's nickname habits XD) and Raven, info on Encounter Linking, a bit about Surprise Encounters (the same as Abyss'. When a monster touches you from behind, the current party gets messed up with the standby characters), info about Secret Missions, Gigant Monsters, Titles, Attachments, Skits and Hi-Ougis. We already know what Encounter Linking and Surprise Encounters are, so I'll dwell into the new stuff more.

Hi-Ougis, like I said before, are available. If I translated this right, the mechanism in activating the hi-ougis are the same as in Abyss' (execute/cast a higher arte while pressing a button for it to happen). They have a preview of Yuri's cut-in for his hi-ougi. I couldn't decipher the name because of the screenshot's quality. They also have one for Estelle, while she's using Sacred Blame (If you'll recall, this is one of Philia's Hi-Ougi's).

Secret Missions are available during boss battles. If certain conditions (which you don't know abouts) are met during the boss battle, a "Secret Mission Complete!" message will flash after the battle. You'll know that you've also done the requirement if a certain action makes the message "Great!" appear during the battle.

Gigant Monsters are very tough enemies which you can consider part of the boss type monsters, and are not really part of the main storyline. Good preparation is needed in order to defeat them, so in case you see one, you can just run and avoid the monster until you've leveled yourself up or something.

Titles here work the same as in the previous games. Certain titles have certain special effects on the character. Although they still haven't revealed if costumes will be part of this, but seeing the previous games, then costumes are highly possible. One thing to note: It seems that the Status screen no longer has status art like in the other games, but the actual character. Not so sure if there's an option that can change that.

Attachments are a new feature added just for the fun of it. Attachments are basically little knick-knacks Namdai added. Having these attachments does not affect your stats whatsoever, but it will affect your character's appearance. If you'll see in screenshot, Yuri has the attachment "Sunglasses" on. I don't know about you guys but I am LOVING these attachment things XD.

EDITHere's the cover art for the 1st volume of Tales of Innocence's Drama CD. It's available for order over at Play-Asia for around $27.90. The 1st volume comes out on June 25th, and 2nd volume comes out on July 25th.

EDIT: Thanks to Danette-Anime-Otaku for the heads up, ToS-R wallpapers for EmilMarta and Richter are up in the gallery from the Nekonin Guild Blog. They also updated the blog with images of their various advertising stuff (posters and stuff). They also have this huge poster, the first time they put up such a big one they said, posted over at a train station. They also have a new screenshot of the Triet Ruins.

EDITThis article from Famitsu reveals that the upcoming Tales game's name will start with the letter H. Everyone is leaning towards the "Tales of the Heart" name that was recently revealed before. But there's still Harmonia. According to aquary from the Tales Forums, the preorder bonus if ToS-R will have info on this. She says there were pictures over at 2ch (which were deleted a short while after posting), which revealed that the game would be out Winter 2008 for the DS, and that the character designer would be Inomata. Not sure how reliable this is though.

BTW, about the contest. I already have one in mind. But please give me some time to finish up the rules and mechanics. We'll have the contest starting by July at the earliest XD.

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