New RM2 EX Attack, White Day!

Since we did have an EX Attack for Valentine's Day, it's a given that we would have an EX Attack celebrating White Day! Just a little trivia for those who don't know, in Japan's V-Day, it's usually just the girls who give gifts (usually chocolates) to the guys they like. Any guy who received a gift last V-Day, has to repay whoever gave them the gift in some way during White Day, which is set on March 14th.

|| Event Time - March 11 to March 18th, ends at 10am Japan time.

|| Conditions for Ranking -> Any job, 50 battles

|| Top 100 ranking players will get:

Swimsuit A, one for girls and one for boys. The design is similar to the usual swimsuits for students in Japanese schools

|| All participants will receive:

Toroid Shield (from Namco's "Xevious" shooting game, close-up shot)
Coda T-Shirt

|| New Downloadable Items include:

~ a harisen fan
~ a bone
~ a Beam Shield - close-up shot of it
Tales of Magazine T-Shirt - those who will be purchasing Tales of Magazine Vol. 7, out this March 10, will have the download code for this exclusive item on page 36.

Sources: RM2 Site | RM2 Link Site

Episode 22 of Abyss is coming up in a short while ^___^/

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