Tales of Festival 2025 Announced For June 7 and 8, 2025

Next year to be even more exciting

Announced at the end of this year's Tales of Festival 2024, it has been confirmed that the Festival will continue next year.

Announced today, at the end of the second day of Tales of Festival 2024, next year we will also be having the Festival. Tales of Festival 2025 has been announced for June 7 and June 8, 2025. The event will once again be at Yokohama Arena.

Coincidentally, next year, 2025, also marks the Tales of Series' 30th anniversary. In a Tweet by Tales of Series Producer Tomizawa, he mentions that they hope to make next year's Festival even more exciting.

This year's Tales of Festival 2024 did not include any new game information announcements. With Tales of the Rays announced to close this July, and with no new information in sight, fans can't help but worry about the Tales of Series' future. What are your thoughts on the matter?


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