New Tales of Graces f English Co-op Video Walkthrough & 75 New Screenshots

A new co-op walkthrough video for Tales of Graces f has been put up in Namco Bandai Games' YouTube channel. In the video, we have Community Manager Rich (@filthierich) playing the game with a couple of dev guys.

In addition, you can also view an additional 75 new screenshots of the game in English in our gallery. The screens have some nice info, such as name and arte changes. You can view them here. More screens are in the succeeding pages of the gallery.
Namco Bandai also mentioned that they will be giving away 5 copies of Tales of Graces f, all signed by series producer Hideo Baba. Regularly check out the official Tales of Series Facebook page for further upcoming details.

The game is still available for pre-order in GameStop US and Canada, as well as For those outside the US, pre-orders for Tales of Graces F are now available on Play-Asia. They also have a cheaper Asian English language version available

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