New Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave Info: Battle System, Team Stories & More

Loads of new information about Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave was released today by 4Gamer, namely info on the new battle system features and the background stories behind the recently revealed teams.

Aggressive Chain Capacity, Partner Attacks and Twin Brave Mode

Twin Brave's battle system introduces the Aggressive Chain Capacity (A?CC) system, a system said to be evolved from the normal Chain Capacity system found in Tales of Destiny PS2 and Graces. It's actually similar to the regular CC system except that normal attacks don't consume CC points. Only artes consume them this time around. What makes it "aggressive" is that landing successful normal attacks against the enemy actually recovers CC points (aside from just waiting). Hence, you can pretty much go all out during battles.

We then have the Twin Brave Mode. Its first component is the Partner Gauge, which has 10 levels. This is apparently consumed when performing Partner Attacks, wherein your partner will instantly rush to where you are and perform an attack with you. It takes a few moments for the gauge to recover, but deepening your bond with your partner decreases its recovery time. It's said that Partner Attacks can be used either as a follow-up of your own attack or when an enemy hits you (as a counter of sorts? ). The Twin Brave Mode itself will activate when the Partner Gauge is at its max, and you and your partner will appear to be connected by some light. It increases attack power and such, and will make your partner perform attacks in tandem with your own. The deeper your bond with your partner, the longer the Twin Brave Mode duration.

Story Mode and Free Mode

Story Mode is pretty much the same as in the other escort titiles: putting the existing characters into somewhat new storylines. During important scenes, there will be CG Movies to depict them, and by this, they mean scenes like the ones in the screenshot to the left. In Free Mode, you just choose whichever pair you want and you'll be free to go through various levels.

New Team/Pair Stories


Tales of Hearts Team: Shing and Kohak: Both Shing and Kohak grew up in a poor village. When all of the Mana in the world began drying up, this poor village's already somewhat non-existent crop production suffered greatly. It was practically driven to a corner and just awaiting death. The two then go on a journey in search of a way to rescue their village from this fate.


Tales of the Tempest Team: Caius and Rubia: Caius is a "Beast Man", a race believed to bring calamity in this world. Being exposed to discrimination every single day of his life, he always wonders, "If there really is a God out there, then why does he allow this to happen to me?" When the Mana of the world started to decline, the discrimination against Beast Men grew even further. This is when Caius heard of a rumor about a sword that can cross through time, the Eternal Sword. With this information, Caius thinks that maybe, he can use it to return to the time when God started creating the world... and pretty much beat him for it. Together with his childhood friend Rubia, Caius goes on a journey, with beating up God in mind.

Tales of Innocence Team: Ruca and Spada:
Ruca is a young boy who wants to become a doctor someday. When the Mana started to decline, an unknown disease started spreading in his hometown. In order to discover the effect of the Mana decline on this disease, Ruca sets out on a journey together with his childhood friend Spada.

Tales of Xillia Team: Jude and Milla:
Jude, a young medical student, one day meets Milla, a girl with a somewhat magical atmosphere about her. Milla says that she must save the World Tree at all costs. Jude, who knows perfectly well what the suffering people are going through because of the Mana decline, decides to offer Milla any help he can give.

Tales of Vesperia Team: Yuri and Flynn:
Yuri Lowell is a vagabond who lives downtown. One day, he hears a rumor that a small rural village is suffering under the rule of some government official. Yuri really hates it when the government or the nobles oppress the commoners, and so, he leaves for the village in question with Flynn, a member of the knights.

Tales of Symphonia Team: Lloyd and Zelos:
In this world where the Mana continues to decline, there lives that one person who is able to hear the voice of the World Tree: Zelos, the Chosen. Zelos steps up in order to search for the reason why the Mana is depleting, and with Lloyd as his hired bodyguard, he sets out on a journey. The two make such an odd pair that they get into trouble very early on their trip. But mostly, the cause really just stems from Zelos's womanizing problem.

Special Equips & Missions DLC For Tales of Community Members

Beginning today (December 1st) until January 17th (2pm Japan time), members of the Tales of Community can register for their special site pre-open campaign. Those who will register will be able to download a special weapon for Jude called the Tipo Mittens. The same item is also available as an avatar item in Banafes! Town. The download will be made available on the game's release, by accessing the Twin Brave linked site from your game. Aside from this, we can also expect missions (where you will earn a special weapon once completed), a mission ranking board, and a Score Attack Mode ranking board once the linked site is completely open.

The rest of the screenshots are here. Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave will be out for the PSP in Japan on February 23, 2012. Play-Asia now has pre-orders open for both the regular version and the premium box.

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