Tales of Innocence R Confirmed For PlayStation Vita - Teaser Site Open

Tales of Innocence R is practically now officially confirmed with these leaked photos from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's leak rehearsal of their Tokyo Game Show 2011 line-up. UPDATE: The countdown is over, and Tales of Innocence R is indeed coming to the Vita. Its teaser site is now live, and the expected release date is on 2012.

In the first picture, SCEJ will apparently be introducing a total of 100 titles for the upcoming PlayStation Vita. On the lower right side, you will notice that the title "Tales of Innocence R" really does exist. Another image focuses on it as well.

Though no news yet, but it seems the game will be a remake of the original Tales of Innocence for the DS. The game was just featured in the PSVita line-up, so expect no news on it yet until the end of the New Tales of countdown 4 hours from now. We'll update this post later when it ends.

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