New Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave Screenshots - The New Pairs & Combo MAs

This new batch of Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave screenshots focuses on the recently announced new pairs. There are also new images on the game's limited edition package, the game's pre-order bonus and new info on the game's plot and how the characters are involved in it.

Limited Edition Bundle and Pre-order Bonus Images


Game Screenshots: Phantasia, Eternia, Abyss and Graces Pairs:


View the rest of the screenshots here.

The Game's Plot:

The world of Velt Rung ( ????????, veruto rungu) is a world that flourishes with Mana, a holy source of life. Everyone in this world believed that the flowing Mana from the world tree would continue to provide for the people.

But one day... this Mana that was supposed to continuously flow into the world suddenly began to dry up. The crops that were planted began to wither, and the animals began to weaken. This drying up of the Mana seriously brought damage upon the people's way of life. Was the world really going to continue decaying like this?

Even in such a world, hope was not abandoned, as these brave soldiers begin their journey...

Luke and Guy's Story: Guy Cecil lives as a faithful servant and best friend to Luke of the Fabre house. Luke, however, was raised in such a spoiled environment that he developed a rather selfish personality. One day, Luke had suddenly ran out of their home, and Guy went after him, finding him in some ancient ruins.

Reid and Farah's Story: The people's hearts were in rage upon the drying up of the Mana. The crops being grown in some villages were not being tended to properly due to the drying up of water sources as well. One girl from the country side, Farah Oersted, rises up to rescue the world from this predicament. After hearing from a friend who graduated from a prestigious academy ( this Keele?) the reason or the origin of the Mana drying up, she immediately set out to go to the World Tree. Reid, being dragged around by Farah's persuasiveness, had no choice but to leave the village with her as well.

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave will be out for the PSP in Japan on February 23, 2012. Play-Asia now has pre-orders open for both the regular version and the premium box.

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