New Tales of Innocence R Videos and Possibility of Attachments?

The Tales of Innocence R official site has been updated today with videos of Ange Serena and the game's Style System. Also, the possibility of having attachments in this game just rose up a bit.

[PSVita] Tales of Innocence R Character Video - Ange Serena

[PSVita] Tales of Innocence R System Video - Styles

As you'll notice in the Style System video, Spada's hat seems to be missing. Could this mean that they will be introducing Attachments into Tales of Innocence R as well? Or could this be just a little error on Namdai's part? Rumor for now. Play-Asia currently has Tales of Innocence R up for pre-order.

And to those who don't keep up with our Facebook/Twitter updates, here's what's been going on so far:

- AC will be having a little mini-segment called [Random Thought of The Day] on FB and Twitter. It's straight to the point, really. I (or any of the other mods) just think of something to ponder on for the day, and everyone is free to reply via FB comments or Twitter mentions. The following day, I'll also update via FB and Twitter what the Popular Opinion was, or the replies that dominated in the discussion. Feel free to reply in the site Shoutbox too!

- Alter's Luke fon Fabre ALTAiR 1/8 Scale Figure will be out on April. Pre-orders are now open on Play-Asia.

- Lalabit Market will be selling a Tales of Innocence R bundle that comes with eight Kyun Chara Illustrations Rubber Key Holders, as seen on the left. Concept art is here. The bundle is currently only available on Lalabit at the moment.

- And also, Lalabit Market will open orders for a Tales of Xillia set of the Kyun Chara Illustrations Rubber Key Holders on November 11.

- Kotobukiya's Tales of Shop will have a goods exhibition on November 12 to 23. Visitors will get special freebies if they go on certain dates.

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