New Tales of Vesperia Trailer + A Few Updates

... Actually, it's the same PV, added with more of the animated cutscenes. Most of which we haven't seen before. Check it out in our YouTube page here.

The following media/updates have been added to their respective sections:
ToS-R Gallery

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Images from the Blog: Alice and Decus

Tales of Vesperia Gallery

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A Few New Screenshots
Magazine Scans
ToH/TotW:RM2 Shonen Jump HQ Scan

Tales of Innocence Video Section
- ToI Opening (DivX AVI and WMV formats)

Tales of Symphonia-KoR Video Section
- ToS-R JP Opening (DivX AVI and WMV formats)

AMV of the Month

In news, it seems that starting yesterday, July 4, Tales of Symphonia: the Animation episodes 1-4 will be airing in BS11, a Japanese channel. It'll be airing for 4 weeks, one episode per week.

Please wait tomorrow for the other media updates (Theme instrumentals from Derek and Danette, Nininsankyaku Full and Karaoke from Derek, Nininsankyaku lyrics from cutepresea, new fanfics, more videos, etc.)

Fullview is your friend.

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EDIT:The Tales of Vesperia Opening keeps getting removed from Youtube due to copyright issues but i found a different site we can view them at and they have a Supposed NA Version+the original Japanese Version, also i have no clue why i made a new news story regarding this but it seemed as people have been looking for this opening for awhile

Tales of Vesperia Original Animated Japanese

Tales of Vesperia Opening With English Version of Ring a Bell

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