New Tales of Xillia Scans - Relationship Chart, Manga & Fashion Clothes

Namco Bandai's really drying out Tales of Xillia when it comes to merchandise. These new scans report a bunch of new Tales of Xillia merchandise, including a manga for the game and even some real-life clothes themed from the characters.

Tales of Xillia will be getting its own manga, it seems. And if I'm reading this right, it'll also get it's own novel, as depicted by the first two scans. The third scan shows the cover of the game's OST, which is due this September 7. The last one shows some images of some button pins and postcards themed after Xillia as well as the other Tales games.

This scan shows a relationship chart of the characters. As translated by Ar1a from the Tales Forums: The line from Alvin to Jude and Milla says 'cooperation'. The line from Jude to Milla says 'longing?' The line from Ivar to Jude says 'antagonistic feelings'. Line between Elise and Drossel says 'agreement in spirit' (I guess they get along well). Line between Milla and Nachtigal says 'antagonism'. The pink square has everyone with affiliation to La Shugall and the blue is A Jule. Yellow is for those who don't have an affiliation to a country.

This next scan shows that a shop in Shinjuku Marui One called Putumayo will be selling a new variety of clothes based off the Tales of Xillia characters. The second scan shows passport designs based on Xillia for a one day pass to Namco Namja Town (thanks for the correction, Etherlite), as well as another with Asbel and Yuri. The third scan shows a little more about the Rereal Orb system, while the last one shows a new town which seems to be covered in snow.

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