New Tales of Xillia Magazine Scan Features New Info About Leia Roland

A new Tales of Xillia scan from Famitsu has surfaced, showing new information about new character Leia Roland. Also, you can now see her in her proper colors. 


|| Leia Roland (name spelling still unofficial)
- Age: 15
- Height: 158cm
- VA: Saori Hayami
- "I'm already a good nurse, aren't I?"
Info: A bright, cheerful girl and Jude's childhood friend. Her family runs an inn, and she is the inn's poster girl. She is a nurse apprentice at the clinic owned by Jude's family. Though she is one who is considerate of her companions, she has a tendency to worry too much. Though she gets heated during games of chance, she values exerting great effort more than actually gaining victory.
Battle: Leia's special ability is Rod/Staff Expansion. She is able to extend the length of her rod/staff for a certain period of time, making her weapon's reach extend. Leveling her up increases the time her staff can keep its extended state. She can also Back Step.
Story: Due to various circumstances, Jude is driven out of the capital along with Milla and Alvin. They arrive at his hometown, Lu Rondo (ru rondo), where Jude sees his childhood friend Leia once again. Lu Rondo is a refreshing town rich in greenery with a bright moon floating in its skies. In it, Jude's family runs the one and only medical clinic in town. The town is in need of a special ore that can cure a particular sickness, so Leia joins them to the mines in search of it.

Additional information on Link Artes - When in a state called Link Mode, a gauge fills up when characters attack. Once it is filled, performing the required attacks will automatically perform the Link Arte. In example, when the gauge is full, Jude performing Majinken and Milla performing Wind Lance will initiate the Link Arte Zeppuujin. Alvin's Kogahazan plus Milla's Fireball will result in Gurenken.

Leia Leia2 Leia3 Leia4

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