New Tales of Xillia Scans: School Costumes DLC

A few new magazine scans reveal school costumes DLC for each of the main Tales of Xillia characters. *Aug 5, 2011: UPDATE: A few more scans added.

New Scan: School Costumes DLC School DLC

Everyone may be familiar with Jude and Milla's costumes already. They are exactly the same as some of the Kyun Chara figures' alternative bodies, though the two sport different hairstyles in the costume. Alvin seems to be in a science teacher (or school doctor? ) getup. For Leia, she has the same school uniform as Milla, though hers is much more conservative, with her hair up and a pair of glasses for her eyes. Elise is looking quite adorable in what seems to be a sailor school uniform, and Rowen seems to have the school gardener/janitor look.

Other scans show a few new screens from the game:

No news yet on when these will be released or how much they will be. Some people are speculating that since Tales of Vesperia PS3's DLC were at 300 Yen each and Tales of Graces f's DLC were at 400 Yen each, then maybe Xillia's would be around 500 Yen each. This is pure speculation, however.

Also, with some of the Kyun Chara alternative bodies confirmed as DLC costumes, could it mean that the other ones (Jude as a butler and Milla as a maid) will be DLC as well?

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