New Tales of Zestiria Character - Dezel, Plus More Details On The Battle System

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump reveals a new character for Tales of Zestiria: Dezel. Dezel, the Divine of the Wind element is voiced by Ono Daisuke and designed by Daigo Okumura.

Dezel uses a Pendulum as a weapon in battle. His quote in the magazine says "...Let me tell you this. I won't let you be in my way, even if you were the Priest or whatever."

As mentioned, Dezel is the Divine/Tenzoku for the Wind element. He is searching for the one who took his friend from him in order to exact revenge. In order to do so, he has been secretly moving through the shadows of human society. His theme is sort of an outlaw of the Divine.

There are also new details on the game's recently revealed battle system, the "Fusionic-Chain Linear Motion Battle System." Features of the battle system include Around Step, which, like in Tales of Graces f's Around Step, allows you to quickly move around the enemy in an arc-like manner, allowing for quick movements and evasion from attacks. Another is a Blast Gauge which when used gives a recovery and a blasting away effect. The new Spirits Chain Gauge freely allows the characters to link together artes and attacks when being consumed.

The scan also mentions a new dungeon called Damnonia Gallery.

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