Namco Bandai Has A Little "Surprise" For Tales of Fans In The West

...But what, I wonder?

If you guys will remember, we used to have weekly releases of the Tales of community interviews with Tales of Series producer Hideo Baba. However, the release of the videos somewhat stopped, and no one knows exactly why.

Someone asked Namco Bandai via Tales of Series's Facebook page, and this is the reply they got:

So the interview video's taking long because they have a little "surprise" for us. But what, exactly?

Something to add to this is Namco Bandai UK and Tales of U's (Namdai UK's Tales-centered Twitter account) recent Tweets during the time of Tales of Xillia 2's announcement in Japan. You may have seen it in our Facebook page already:

In relation to the "surprise" thing, both accounts also acknowledge it in this Tweet:

Now, what could this be, I wonder? A lot of us believe that this might, just might, be what we think it is (*coughTalesofXillialocalizationCOUGHCOUGH*). This, and the info that Namco Bandai apparently will reveal "two previously unannounced games" in this upcoming E3 2012. Or so I've heard. I'm personally not sure how reliable the source of that is though. Then again, this can be anything...

So, do you guys think this is what I think this is?

It's just so Veigue at the moment, so I'm not entirely sure *bricked*.

Anyway, take from it what you will, but I'm keeping my hopes up for this one.

And as usual, this is a rumor for now! Which I personally hope will become real.

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