RUMOR: Tales of Innocence R Might Be Coming Stateside?

UPDATE: The screen is most probably from the HK PS Store, which also has the Japanese DLC in English. It was most probably in the HK Store because the one who bought the DLC has the Asian version of the game.

So, the usual warning: THIS IS A RUMOR.
User soras_hold from GameFAQs found something interesting in the US PlayStation Store while using his PS Vita.

He found Ruca's previous life costume in the US PSStore, for some reason. This was apparently bought by his friend, and he saw it through the friend's activity log.

But... if that's the case, then that would mean this is the JP version. Either there's a mistake in the system, or Namdai may have put this up as a placeholder of sorts, which is now leading people to believe that Namdai might have plans to bring this over to the US.

Again, THIS IS A RUMOR. Personally though, this might just be a little misunderstanding.

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