See All The Merchandise That Will Be On Sale At Tales of Festival 2011

We've got less than a month left before the fourth Tales of Festival kicks in. For those who will be able to attend it, be sure you have your money ready. For sure, this line up will get your wallets dry.


This year's merchandise consist of the usual Tales-themed apparel, posters, lovely metal necklaces, some snacks, straps, bookmarks and for some reason, iPhone 4 cases.

Tales of Festival Event Original Items:
Tales of Festival stuff:
Official brochure - 2,000 Yen
Penlight - 500 Yen
Tumbler - 800 Yen
Pouch - 1000 Yen
A1 Poster (with new art) - 800 Yen
Muffler Towel - 1200 Yen
Strap - No price yet
Fan Support (?) - No price yet
Cellphone Cover (For preventing peeking at it) ... what - No price yet
Decoration Stickers - No price yet
Book markers - No price yet
Memorial Stamp - No price yet

Shirts (3000 Yen each):
ToF 2011 ShirtToX Jude ShirtToX Milla shirtToG-f Asbel shirtToV Yuri shirtToA Luke shirtToS Lloyd shirtLeon shirt

Accessories (5000 Yen each... I WANT THESE, I SO WANT THESE):
ToG-f Asbel AccessoryToV Yuri AccessoryToA Luke Accessory

ToF 2011 Adventure Snack (featuring Zelos and Rita on the box) - 800 Yen
ToA Strawberry Almond can (chibi Luke on the box) - 1000 Yen
ToV Rita's Research Book - No price yet
ToG-f Oath of Friendship Leaf Pie - No price yet
ToR Popura-obasan's Peach Pie - No price yet

iPhone 4 cases (3500 Yen each):
ToG-f Asbel iPhone 4 caseToV Yuri iPhone 4 caseToA Luke iPhone 4 caseToD Leon iPhone 4 case

Mugs (1000 Yen each): ToG-f Asbel stainless steel mugToV Yuri stainless steel mug
Pouches (1200 Yen each): ToG-f Asbel pouchToV Yuri pouch
Straps (800 Yen each): ToG-f Hubert strapToG-f Sophie strapToG-f Asbel strapToV Rita strapToV Flynn strapToV Yuri strap

Tales of 15th Anniversary Tales of Encyclopedia 1995-2011 - No price yet

May 28 Simultaneous release:
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Fans' Bible - No price yet
Viva Tales of Magazine Volume 4 (with clear file) - No price yet

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