Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 Four New Character Videos & Screens

The Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 official website has been updated with the character pages and videos for Suzu Fujibayashi (Tales of Phantasia), Genis/Genius Sage (Tales of Symphonia), Ange Serena(Tales of Innocence) and Kohak Hearts (Tales of Hearts). 

Suzu's vid Genis's vid Ange's vid Kohak's vid
In their videos, Suzu uses ??? (Jiraiya), Genis uses Indignate Judgment (or Indignation/Indignant Judgment), Ange uses ????? (Houyoku Shitenshou)and Kohak uses ????? (Satsugeki Bukouken/Final Fury). These videos also show our first look at Suzu's and Genis's cut-ins.

Also, the following are new screen shots from RM3's pre-open site. The others are from various sources throughout the web. Apologies if these anime cutscene shots were only added now. It took me a while to realize how to "make" shots with no watermark whatsoever.
shot1 shot2 shot3 shot4 shot5 shot6 shot7 shot8 shot9 shot10 shot11 shot12 shot13 shot14 shot15 shot16

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