Tales Character Costumes DLC For Tales of Graces F Dated

The new batch of Tales character costumes for the cast of Tales of Graces F that was previously announced at Jump Festa 2011 has been dated.

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The costumes will be released in two batches: The first batch, released January 13, includes Sophie's Anise Tatlin costume, Cheria's Natalia L. K. Lanvaldear costume (both from Tales of the Abyss), Malik's Raven costume (Tales of Vesperia) and Richard's Zelos Wilder costume (Tales of Symphonia). The second batch, to be released on January 20, includes Asbel's Leon Magnus costume (Tales of Destiny), Hubert's Flynn Scifo costume (Tales of Vesperia) and Pascal's Harold Belserius costume (Tales of Destiny 2). Each costume is 400 Yen, and will have a corresponding BGM playing when used in battle.

More screen shots here.

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