Tales of Festival 2010 News Compilation

This post is a compilation of all the news from the Tales of Festival 2010. Being busy with ToVFS's subs and my own life made me unable to do an up to date well, update, of the event like I did last year. Nonetheless, this is what I can manage for now. Sources include Famitsu, Dengeki, Nore's Blog and Jaysonic's Blog. Visit Famitsu and Dengeki for some pictures.:

Day 1 Event News:
As seen from this post, the partial results of the Fifth Tales of Series Popularity Poll were announced that day. The results include the General Top 30 Tales Characters and the Top 10 Tales Mascots.

ToPNDX Scan Dengeki Screens
Reports on the upcoming Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X show the rest of the main Phantasia cast (Chester Barklight, Klarth F. Lester and Suzu Fujibayashi) to be available, and playable (). A new trailer of the game was also shown during the event, and hopefully it will be up online soon. The preorder bonus, called "Dramatic DVD ~Tales of Costume!?~" was also confirmed, along with the game's release date, August 5, 2010 for the price of 5480 Yen (around $60). I'm not sure if I'm reading this right, but the scan also mentions that an Asbel narikiri costume will be available, and will let Dio be able to use his skills. A demo of the game will be made available late July.

They also mentioned "a big announcement" to be made this summer. No news yet on what it can be.

Tales of Symphonia: The United World EpisodeAlso announced during Day 1 was the confirmation of the third arc of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation. Recall before that they said they were planning a possible Derris-Kharlan arc. Well, this might be it. They are calling the third arc "The United World Episode".

Aside from misono being there to perform VS, Ninin Sankyaku and Starry Heavens, Hanako Oku was also there and performed live ToPNDX's opening theme, Glass Flower while the game's opening video was being played on the big screen behind her.

Day 2 Event News:
Not much happened today. Aside from the announcement of the rest of the popularity poll results, the only main events were skits, voice talk, Golden Victory, a lot of "KUREEAAAAA" and some peach pie, and live performances by artists again. No additional news so far, so we'll update this post for any new info.

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