Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ Progress Report

Because people keep on asking... this is a report on the progress of the subs for ToV. This includes the English version only, not the multi-language release (we'll release the English subs first).

Main Translation: Done
Timing: Done
Translation Check: Done
Editing (1st Pass): Done
Editing (2nd Pass): Done
Quality Check (1st Pass): Done
Quality Check (2nd Pass): Done
Karaoke: Done
AFX: Done
Encode: (704x400 XviD AVI | 848x480 H264 MKV (Done) | 1280x720 H264 HD MKV (Done) )
Final Check: Done

Note: All MKV versions are softsubbed save for the group logo and the karaoke.

We have set aside ToS to get the movie done as fast as we can. It's a big project, and is really taking our time (there are 1040 lines O_o), but we'll get it done as fast as we can.

EDIT: We will be using the official English names for the characters, except for those that do not have official English names (Elvin, Argos, Joe, etc.) and those that we think the official English names well, are bad (Garista Luodor and Niren Fedrok... we'll be using Galista Luodor and Nylen Fedrock).

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