Tales of Luminaria - Leo Episode 2 Review: The Noble One

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I’m sorry I took so long to get a new Luminaria review out. I keep holding off the reviews. I promised to myself that I’d get the rest out by the first half of the year. It’s July right now… I have some time right now, hence why I’m resuming my Luminaria reviews.

Leo’s second episode revolves around what nobility means to him. His clinginess towards it most likely stems from his grandmother Adele who was always telling him that a Fourcade’s duty is to be noble. His second episode revolves around Hugo, Celia and Leo going on a routine patrol mission under Lisette’s order. Suddenly, an explosion happened and they are investigating. The source is detonite and a traitor could be involved. The group investigates. When they meet the traitors, it turns out that they don’t value human lives at all and it angers them, Leo specifically as he remembers what happened back then.

There is constant mention of a storybook that the trio read as kids. It made Leo cry as a kid. It’s also a memory he had of his grandmother who perished in the Le Sant tragedy back then. Adele seems like a cool old lady. I can see why she had a huge impact in Leo’s life and mindset. I do like that the conversation the two had is a reflection of what Leo experienced in this episode. 

There’s also a cute scene where Hugo starts behaving a bit odd and Celia and Leo become Mama and Papa; remember how, in Leo Episode 1, Hugo and Celia called each other Papa Hugo and Mama Celia when Leo was being reckless? I want to know who would be Papa and Mama if it was Celia behaving weirdly and Leo and Hugo become the “parents”—would they be papas or papa and daddy?

Other than that, the episode is mainly the aftermath of Gaspard Episode 1 and Lisette Episode 2 with Lisette and the Federation occupying the fort. They even went to Jeanholts Village and are met with animosity from the villagers. Heck, the breadist girl doesn’t want to do anything with the trio—you know things are serious when she’s being hostile too. The group learns of a detonation attack from the Empire and goes to stop it. That’s basically the plot.

The boss of this episode is Laplace, who Celia is furious with for lying to her. There is some weird mystery aspect as Leo says that she sticks in his mind for unknown reasons. Leo usually remembers people well, so if he can’t remember her well, then that means that they had met before but it was a forgotten first meeting?

Anyways, this episode is just straightforward. Leo’s fighting style is still the same—he’s the easiest to control for me and should be the easiest as he was the introduction character. It’s nice seeing the Le Sant trio doing more patrols since they do get separated later on. It was a decent episode. What are your thoughts?

Tales of Luminaria
Tales of LuminariaTales of Luminaria is an upcoming Tales of Series original title for iOS and Android released November 2021. The game was first announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Unlike the recent Tales mobile games, Luminaria has been reported to have its own original world with only original characters and no previous Tales characters, as well as an English dub. Unfortunately, the game has announced termination of service worldwide on July 19, 2022.

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