Tales of Graces f PAL Box Art Revealed, New Gameplay Videos & Screenshots

NOTE: To those who have been asking for it, first off, I can't disable the autoplay option of the videos because Namco Bandai's embed code doesn't have that feature at all. Hence, I just placed the videos under the read me link.

It seems that the PAL version of Tales of Graces f will be getting a completely different boxart from the US version. Though it isn't exactly 'new', so to speak. There are also new gameplay videos and screenshots from Namco Bandai's Global Gamer's Day event.

If you guys will recall, the original Japanese version of the game had a reversible cover featuring two artworks by character designer Mutsumi Inomata. The US got one artwork for its box; the PAL version will be getting the other.

New screenshots and gameplay videos of the game have also been released.

New anime cutscene screenshots:

View the rest here

New gameplay screenshots:

View the rest here

New gameplay videos (Click on Read More link):


The game's European release is still slated as Summer 2012, though there are some rumors going around that it will be on June.

The US version is still available at the following stores: GameStop | Play-Asia | Amazon

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