ALTAiR Flynn Scifo Figure and Yuri Lowell Plushie To Be Re-released

To those who missed our retweet yesterday, ALTER has just announced that it will have re-runs of two previously released Tales of Vesperia collectibles: the Flynn Scifo 1/8 Scale Figure and the Yuri Lowell Bousou Otoko Plushie, both under their ALTAiR collection.

The Flynn figure is officially listed for an August 2012 release at ALTAiR's official site. The Yuri plushie will be re-released September 2012.

Flynn Scifo 1/8 Scale Figure - Play-Asia | CDJapan | HobbySearch | AmiamiYesAsia

Yuri Lowell Bosou Otoko Plushie - Play-Asia (not yet available here) |CDJapan | HobbySearch | Amiami | YesAsia

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