Tales of Graces F Posters In GameStop: Help Promote The Game!

Pay a little visit to your local GameStop and you just might see some Tales of Graces F posters around. Tales of the Abyss 3DS gets something special, too. Thanks to Tales of Saku for sharing this.

UPDATE (01/23/2011): After a little researching and a small chat with some GameStop employees online, it seems this advertising for Tales of Graces F is paid for by Namco Bandai. However, there have been some reports about some GameStop/EB Games branches notputting up the posters either due to lack of space or, sadly, the store manager doesn't want to put it up.

Now, this might not exactly work the way we expect it, but it is worth a shot. As suggested by MizuJoshua, it would be great if those of you who live near GameStop stores would ask for the posters to actually be put up, in the case that they're not up. This would help spreading the word about Tales of Graces F and the Tales of Series in general. We're not forcing you or anything, though, but just give it a try.

This poster has been seen around some GameStop branches in North America. When asked, GameStop said that they would have more (and different) posters up by this Monday.

Tales of Graces F won't be the only Tales game getting some advertising. According to Tales of Saku, Tales of the Abyss 3DS will be getting a display box in the stores.

The original post on Tumblr by Tales of Saku is here. We'll post up more pictures people will share. For the heck of it XD. Others also said that not all GameStop's will put up the posters, as it still depends on the store manager. It would help to ask your local GameStop first, though.

Pre-orders for Tales of Graces F are now available on Play-Asia.

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