Tales of Innocence R - Tales And IdolMaster 2 DLC Costumes Priced And Dated

The Tales of Innocence R official site has been updated with release date and pricing info for the previously confirmed Tales of Series and IdolMaster cameo DLC costumes.


Both the Tales of Series cameo costumes and the IdolMaster 2 costumes will be released on January 26, 2012, on the game's release and will be available for 250 Yen each. This special price will only be untilMarch 31st. After that, it will cost 300 Yen each.


Aside from the costumes, an Animal Ears Attachment Set and aGlasses Attachment Set have also been confirmed as DLC. The Ears set will be for 100 Yen, while the Glasses set will be free. No dates were given for both yet.

Other DLC include the standard ones we get in most games, such as item sets, Gald, levels, Grade and Ability Points.

Other updates of the site include the extra dungeon: Triverse Gate ( ?????????, toraibaasu geeto), where you'll encounter powerful monsters, rare items and something that has to do with Kongwai. You can also see Mathias's new design artwork hereShe actually looks like a woman now, hahaha. And lastly, new screenshots of the animated opening are here in the gallery.

Tales of Innocence R will be released in Japan on January 26, 2012. Pre-orders for Tales of Innocence R are now open on Play-Asia: Japan Version |Asia Version

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