Tales of Innocence R TGS 2011 Gameplay Plus Expect More Tales For The PSVita

A couple of off-the-screen recordings of Tales of Innocence R gameplay videos are now up. Also, in an interview with the game producers, it is hinted that more Tales games will be making their way for the PSVita.

[PSVita] Tales of Innocence R TGS 2011 Gameplay Video 1

[PSVita] Tales of Innocence R TGS 2011 Gameplay Video 2
The gameplay videos show a lot of the changes from the DS version to the PSVita one. The menu interface has been completely changed, the characters' status arts have also been changed. End-battle poses have also been changed, making them similar to some of the other recent Tales games. Overall, the game seems to be in the same level as the other recent games.

Also, in an interview with the game's producers, when asked why, out of all the Tales titles, did they choose Tales of Innocence as the one to bring over to the PSVita, they answered that Tales of Innocence won't be the last thing they'll bring over. There still may be other titles in the future.

And lastly, to your left are sketches for a product that Lalabit Market will be releasing soon. It looks to be a key chain of sorts, but the images are too related to each other for it. We have Spada and Iria throwing snowballs at a poor, cowering Ruca, Ricardo being scolded by Ange, Hermana making a huge snowball and QQ just... sitting there.

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