Tales of Memoria - Tales of Destiny English video posted to European Namco Bandai YouTube Channel

Mictlan? Miktran? Milk Train?

Namco Bandai Entertainment Europe is at it again with another Tales of Memoria video translated into English. This time, it's Tales of Destiny!

This short video begins similarly to the Tales of Phantasia one before it, but this time the Tales of Destiny remake for the PlayStation 2 is shown. There is no mention of this specific version being a remake, though the game is noted for being on both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 on the first page near the beginning of the video. Music from the PlayStation 2 version is also played during the video, notably the title screen music and "Irony of Fate." The same beige text on a black background makes a return, with stylized quotes pertaining to the game, such as stating it is a "tale of fate and destiny." Notably, the text localizes "Miktran" and "Mictlan." What this could signify is unknown, though it is worth mentioning that , historically (and based on a quick google search), Mictlan is the name of the underworld in ancient Aztec society. Is this perhaps what Namco Bandai intended for the character's name? People smarter than me can figure it out.

Once again, this is part of the Tales of Memoria video series, which the Japanese side of things has published videos up to Tales of Symphonia on the official website.

Tales of Destiny
Tales of DestinyTales of Destiny is the second title to be released for the Tales of Series and is the first in the entire series to get localized for North America. It is the first game to feature character designs by Mutsumi Inomata. The game, originally for the PS1, eventually got a full remake for the PS2, as well as a Director’s Cut featuring a story arc from popular Tales character Leon Magnus’s point of view. Tales of Destiny 2 is its direct sequel.

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