Tales of Symphonia: The Animation United World Episode Volume 2 Trailer

UPDATE: To those who don't regularly follow our Twitter and Facebook posts, we mentioned last week that the release date for Volume 2 has been moved to October 24.

The trailer for the second volume of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation's United World Episode is now out, featuring a new ending song by Akiko Shikata.

In case that one gets taken down, here's an alternative link. As usual, we don't upload ToS OVA videos in our YouTube channel, so here's a translation for those interested:

  • Yggdrasill: It's almost time... Sister...
    *Yggdrasill is planning Martel's revival.
    *His wish will finally be fulfilled.
    *Colette is taken away because of Zelos's betrayal.
    *Will she become the vessel for Martel's soul?
    *Lloyd and the rest head to Welgaia for the final confrontation.
    Zelos: It's... my win!

    Last part:
    Kratos: Do you have someone you love?
    Yuan: What the hell are you suddenly--??!

The new ending song's title is ? (ibitsu, which can mean "crooked" or "warped" or "devious").

The second volume of the United World arc/episode will be released on June 20, 2012 while the third volume will be out on July 25, 2012. Pre-orders for both are now are now available:

Volume 2:
Regular Edition: Play-Asia | Amiami | CDJapan
Collectors' Edition: Play-Asia | Amiami | CDJapan

Volume 3:
Regular Edition: Play-Asia | CDJapan
Collector's Edition: Play-Asia | CDJapan

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