Tales of the Abyss 11 + Tales of Hearts CG Commercial 2

Anyway, here's episode 11. Lotsa Jade. Yes. XD. And I apologize if the bot and the DDLs are still not up at the moment. Timezone differences = communication difficulties =\n
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Honestly, this series is soo cursed. We always encounter problems every week >_>; This was supposed to be out Friday, but there were problems with our original raw and we had to switch to another one. Afterwards, it was done, but our encoder lost internet for a while. THEN when the SD is finally uploaded, it's corrupted and we had to reupload. GAH.

Next episode is a Guy episode. Somewhat. Episode after that is somewhat a Natalia episode.

Edit: While Abyss 12 was airing, the second commercial for Tales of Hearts CG was also shown. You can view it here. No Hi-Ougis and such.

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