New Mothership Tales Wii Vid Leaked

Hey Guys TB here! Sorry for the long hiatus! I've been really busy with school
and stuff so i haven't ha the chance to go on AC for awhile, DAMN YOU AP TESTSDAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but anyway i was sick today so i took off from school today and i decide to go to yourtube to check my account and i see from one of my subscribtions, NEW TALES WII TRAILER, and i'm like OMG O_O, so yea it's really awesome, the main character looks like a pretty genuine tales swordsman, but the battle system is what is interesting, it looks..............different, but i'll let you judge that, and the game overall from what you'll see looks very beautiful, a lot better than ToS2 but still not in par with Vesperia, well anyway enough of me babbling, enjoy watching it=) again sorry for not being on at all anymore, school has just trapped me into a circle of confinement:/

Click here for video