Tales of the Rays: New Character Poll - "Old Man" Theme

Will you spare some time for an Old Man?

Continuing the 2nd anniversary celebrations, it's time for the 4th character poll for Tales Of The Rays!

Like the previous polls, the winner will become a playable character in Tales of the Rays!

Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria) won the first character poll.
Mithos (Tales of Symphonia) won the second character poll.
Presea Combatir and Genis Sage (Tales of Symphonia) won the third character poll.

This time, the theme is「Old Man

You can only vote for one character, so take your time and choose wisely as an old man would!

The selection of characters you can vote for is as follows:
Trinicus D. Morrison (Tales of Phantasia)
Bruiser Khang (Tales of Destiny)
Max (Tales of Eternia)
Eugene Gallardo (Tales of Rebirth)
Vaclav Bolud (Tales of Legendia)
Forest Ledoyen (Tales of the Tempest)
Asura (Tales of Innocence R)
Gall Gruner (Tales of Hearts R)
Malik Caeser (Tales of Graces F)
Nachtigal I. Fenn (Tales of Xillia)
Bisley Bakur (Tales of Xillia 2)
Melchior Mayvin (Tales of Berseria)

In order to vote, you simply have to follow these steps!

1 - Launch Tales of the Rays

2 - Go to Menu

3 - Hit the Profile button, which is the top middle one

4 - Click the Edit button on the bottom of your comment box on the left

5 - Write the name of your choice in the Comment box. It should be written in kana! (e.g. フォッグ for Max)

To make things easier, here is a list of the names for each character in kana:

モリスン for Morrison
コングマン for Bruiser
フォッグ for Max
ユージーン for Eugene
ヴァーツラフ for Vaclav
フォレスト for Forest
アスラ for Asura
ガラド for Gall
マリク for Malik
ナハティガル for Nachtigal
ビズリー for Bisley
メルキオル for Melchior

The voting period will end on March 15 at 1:59 JST and the results will be announced on March 17 during the 2nd anniversary stream!

Tales of the Rays
Tales of BerseriaTales of the Rays is a Tales mobile game for the iOS and Android featuring characters designed by Hidenori Matsuraba and a new ADF-LMBS (Advanced Flick Linear Motion Battle System). The game tells the story of hero Ix Nieves and heroine Mileena Weiss in the world of Tir Na Nog. Characters from the previous Tales titles appear in this game. The game initially had an English version, but was short-lived and now currently runs exclusively in Japan.

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