Tales of The Rays - Yuan and Martel event now live!

The four seraphim have reunited at long last, all playable for the first time!

March came in like a lion and it's not gonna go quietly either. We'll be heading with an april with an event that's sure to please fans of Tales of Symphonia!

That's right, Martel Yggdrasil and Yuan Ka-Fai are joining the Rays cast of playable characters! This is another case where Rays is giving characters a chance to be playable when they never have before. In particular, while Yuan was a boss before, Martel has never even been shown in combat (though we know she's capable) before. In addition to those two, we'll be getting new Mirrage Artes and costumes for Kratos and Mithos, making this a true reunion of the Four Seraphim. This is no seasonal event either! Kratos will be getting a Decisive Mirrage Arte (usually reserved for boss raids) while Mithos will get an Overray Mirrage Arte.

The times for the event and associated banner are below.

Event - The Wandering Spirit And The Great Tree Start Time End Time
Event Period March 31st, 14:00 JST April 7th, 13:59 JST
Gacha Banner March 31st, 14:00 JST April 30th, 13:59 JST
Step Up Banner March 31st, 14:00 JST April 12th, 13:59 JST

Not that we'll have One Free Multi for the event, so even if you're not interested, don't pass the chance for free artes up!

And, as always, the Costume and Mirrage Arte previews are below.


Her Mirrage Arte not only heals the party... it also overheals them, giving them more HP than their maximum


Mithos (he shares a preview tweet with Kratos)


That's it for this event. Keep an eye out for more upcoming news, particularly for co-op!

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