Tales of Vesperia PS3 3rd Trailer/PV Released! More Mystic Artes & Features

The Tales of Vesperia PS3 Official Site has been updated with a new trailer for the game, featuring few new anime scenes, Mystic Artes and some event scenes viewed from different angles. If you'll notice, this trailer is quite similar to the second released trailer for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Click here to view the video.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 PV Flynn Judith Raven

The video also has scenes of the characters' new Mystic Artes, namely those for Flynn, Judith, Raven (Crisis Rain, previously revealed in the game's TV commercial), Karol (was earlier shown here) and Yuri. The video also shows Patty's Mystic Arte, though it's still unclear if she will be getting a Mystic Arte similar to those of the characters' Xbox 360 Mystic Arte batch. More screenshots here.

Patty Karol Yuri

Here are the previously revealed Mystic Artes, in case you missed them:

Repede Rita Estelle

So, all of the revealed Mystic Artes are:
Flynn - ????? (enhahou yokushou)
Judith - ????? (haou rogetsusou)
Karol - ????????X???? (gousen bakusatsu ultra X bomber)
Patty - ??????? (samon furenzu, Summon Friends?)
Yuri - ????? (tenshou kouyokuken)
Repede - ??????????? (Lightning Moment)
Rita - ?????????? (Indignation)
Estelle - ???????????? (Ultimate Elements)

Repede Minigame Patty Scene 1 Patty Scene 2

An interesting new feature of the game is a minigame with Repede which seems to be a racing minigame, complete with a course map and a time to beat.. There are also a few lovely new scenes with Patty.

Trailer Downloads:
HQ 640x360 - MediaFire
HD 1280x720 - MediaFire

20 ToVS Cut-insOn a side-note, the Tales Channel has had a change of their banners for a while now. The previous Tales of Hearts banners have been replaced with Tales of VS. banners with 20 of the characters' cut-ins. To those interested, I've ripped and uploaded them to the gallery. And like I said, there are only 20 cut-ins... And for some reason, even though all 19 of the cut-ins are full cut-ins, Kohak's cut-in has been... well, cut. Hrmmmmmm— -Pow Hammer'd-.


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