New Tales of Graces Scan Reveals Rebirth Cameo, Costumes and Mini-game

This new Tales of Graces scan from Famitsu reveals to us a certain cameo character and battle from Tales of Rebirth; the availability of costume titles for the characters, specifically swimsuit costumes;a card-based mini-game; and about the game's transportation availabilities (that airship-like green vehicle in the scan). Click the thumbnail to view the full scan.


New ToG Scan
VeigueWithin the game will be an area by the name of ???????? (Riot Peak) which works like a survival game for the characters. There are multiple floors that your chosen characters will explore. According to the scan, in one of the floors is Veigue Lungberg from Tales of Rebirth, ready to fight your team. Riot Park even has a reception area, giving it the feel of the game's battle arena.

Title CostumesThe scan confirms the availability of in-game costumes, specifically swimsuit costumes for the whole party (...except Richard). The most amusing ones are Pascal's snorkel and Malik's speedos, in my opinion. Sophie and Cheria are looking lovely in their swimsuits.

CartaA new card-based mini-game, named Carta, will be available in the game. No news yet on exactly how the mini-game itself works, but the cards themselves are considered items to be collected in the game. The cards have illustrations and descriptions of Tales of Series characters. Upon collecting 10 of one kind of card in Graces, you can now use it for the actual Carta mini-game.

Lastly, the contents of the pre-order DVD, Dramatic DVD ~otona ni naritai? hen~ have been confirmed. The DVD will contain a Special Skit Drama, voice actor interviews, an image gallery, the previously released game trailers, and a documentary of the events that took place last Tokyo Game Show 2009.


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