Tales of Zestiria Trademarked in Europe

Siliconera found a trademark for Tales of Zestiria in Namco Bandai's European database. In the West, Namco Bandai also trademarked Tales of Hearts in 2012, and Tales of Innocence in 2011. Whether this leads to the next Tales of title being released in the West or not, it's interesting that out of all the names trademarked by Namco Bandai in Japan recently, this was the only one trademarked outside of Japan.To recap, here are the other recent trademarks in Japan:

- Tales of Zestoria
- Tales of Zestias
- Tales of Link (Which ended up being the next smartphone game)
- Tales of Jin
- Tales of Ansis
- Tales of Memories
- Tales of Bibliotheca
- Tales of Favorite

I personally wouldn't read too much into this yet, but it is interesting that we have a Western trademark for a game that hasn't even been announced.

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