And MORE Tales Trademarks Discovered: Tales of Link, Jin and Ansis

Even though we just had hints of an upcoming "TOZ" just last week, another batch of Tales of trademarks have just been discovered. These, however, were filed earlier than the new Zesty ones (yes, I'm calling them that) but were filed a few days after the Creales and Catastora ones.

These newly found trademarks are Tales of Link, Tales of Jin and Tales of Ansis.

Note that though these trademarks are indeed owned by Namco Bandai Games, it seems that the names in the Japanese katakana are spelled wrong, having the word "Tales" spelled as "????" instead of "????".

Again, casual reminder that these trademarks do not mean that these very games will be coming. It just means that these are names they're considering for a future Tales game.

Many thanks to @Flamfas for the heads-up and @ExeForce87 for the screenshots.

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