The Tales of Destiny Pachislot Game Is Now At The Japanese Apple App Store

Well, this came out of nowhere, again. Remember that Tales of Destiny Pachislot game from way back? Well, it has apparently just been released at the Japanese Apple App Store in the form of a game app.

The Tales of Destiny Pachislot game app is being distributed at 1,500 Yen (roughly $16). What's weird is that the screenshot being shown at the app store page is apparently from a different game?

Regardless, reports are saying that it is indeed the Tales of Destiny pachislot game. It's at 283 MB and is recommended mainly for iOS 5.1 and up Apple iDevices. Some have reported in the reviews that the bottom panel of the game gets cut from the screen, though.

We've yet to see any screenshots of the actual gameplay, but it seems to be the same as how the original Tales of Destiny Pachislot console runs.

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