Tales of Graces Site Update - New Character Videos of Cheria and Pascal

The official Tales of Graces site has been updated with the site's Story section, the first commercial that we showed you guys a while back and character videos for Cheria Barnes and Pascal.

Cheria Barnes - Character Video 1 Pascal - Character Video 1
Cheria's video focuses on a scene where she is caught eavesdropping on a Strata officer by the name of Raymond (????, reimon). It looks like Raymond has other plans for her. In Pascal's video, we see her analyzing something. Though I'm not sure what exactly she did to it afterward...

The new Story section contains what is basically the game's main story plus information on the three countries of Fendel, Strata and Windol. The Video section of the site was updated with the commercial that was shown before. Downloads of the versions put up in the site have been added to the ToG Video section, together with Cheria and Pascal's videos.

Also on the main page of the site (left side) is a small green emblem with the letter G on it. This represents an award from the Japan Game Awards 2009. Tales of Graces won an award in the Japan Game Awards Future Division for being one of the most anticipated games of the year in Japan, as decided by a voting procedure that was done during the Tokyo Game Show 2009.

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