Tales of Crestoria Event Story Review: Summer Treasure Hunt

Hello! This is Grace, also known as Ecargmura, and I’m here with a review of the second event story! Why am I doing this? Well, I did the first one, so that means I have to do subsequent ones afterwards, so it wouldn’t feel right (to me, that is). There won’t be any recaps for this review, so I’m going straight to my thoughts on this event!

I know this event ended months ago, but better late than never! I think it's good to bring awareness to events that new and recent players might have missed.

To be honest, I’ve never played Vesperia. I have the Definitive Edition, but I never got the chance to play it due to how busy I am with other things. I will play it when I get the chance. Because I never played it, I don’t know much about Patty. Though, from what I’ve seen here, she seems a bit mature for her age. I get the feeling she’s much older than she appears.

The most obvious thing I know about Patty is that she’s a pirate looking for treasure. She gets a copy of a map that has some secret treasure hidden in a deserted island. So does Norma, the treasure hunter from Legendia, and the two have a fun story together with Senel tagging along.

I actually really like this event. The story is very heartwarming and has a good message. What I find interesting is that this is the only event, so far, that doesn’t involve Kanata and his friends. As much as I do like the Crestoria cast, I do find it interesting to watch an event that doesn't involve them. It was like looking at a side story in some way. Though, I do not know when this event takes place because other events can easily tell when it takes place just by which Crestoria character is in the party at that time.

The message of the story is that the spirit of adventure isn’t a solid object, but the feeling of having fun. I liked that. It shows that Patty knows what she’s doing; it also means that physical rewards aren’t as rewarding as the feeling of finishing an exciting adventure. It’s very relatable. To me, reading a book and playing games are like adventures in their own right. I don’t really care about what I get after I complete it; I just want to revel in the achievement of me completing

The portrayal of Senel and Norma are spot on, which I like. After the…mess that was Presea’s portrayal in Velvet’s side story, I was a bit worried that they would ruin more characters, but the game does its best to respect the characters. Norma’s nickname for Patty is gold. She calls her Pattycakes. Senel’s characterization is after he mellows out in his actual game. He’s like a big brother—the one who says he doesn’t care, but secretly looks after people. Alliance Marines in the Crestoria world are like naval police officers in a way, so I find that interesting. Also, the lack of Moses in this event made Senel the prime target for traps. Poor guy. I spoke about Norma in my Side Story Velvet review, so I don't need to repeat my opinions about her here.

The event exchange currency was pretty fast to collect, so I got SSR Patty very quickly in this event. The raid monster, Hordweard, is fire elemental, so bringing in water units is necessary. I liked its design—very colossal and intimidating looking.

I think SSR Patty stone is very good! It gives 50% critical damage to anyone equipped with it (Torment V). SR Senel is pretty good as well if you like increasing evasion rates on your units.

I know that there might be players who missed out on this event because they started the game late. I don’t really know if events can be repeated. However, if such a chance were to come by, I totally recommend getting the Patty stone! It’s super helpful with water units! SR event stone Senel is also good if you want your dark units or martial arts units to have some evasion!


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