Tales of Crestoria Chapter 2 Review

August 1, 2020 Grace

Hello! This is Grace, also known as Ecargmura, here with another review for today! This time, it's chapter 2! The review contains spoilers for Crestoria.  

Tales of Let's Play #2

March 25, 2019 Grace

Hello! I’m glad that my first article got good attention, so I’m here to write my second article! There are a lot of Tales Let’s Plays and they are very long, so it will take [Read More...]

Tales of Let's Play #1

February 19, 2019 Grace

Since Let’s Plays (LP’s) are popular and something I enjoy watching, I thought I should write about gamers who have done playthroughs of Tales games and I give my insight on them. Hopefully, I’ll try [Read More...]