Tales of Luminaria - Michelle Episode 2 Review: Compromise

“At the end of the day… I just know that he’s a really good guy at heart.”

Think about how all your favorite characters have a tendency to get friend-zoned. Do you feel bad for them? Of course. Michelle’s on a whole other level, however. She didn’t just get friend zoned, she got something even worse! What could it be? Well, read on to find out!

Michelle’s second episode is her trying to get used to Leo. During Celia Episode 1, Leo’s nobility and such irked Michelle to the point that it still left a lingering distaste on her. She doesn’t hate him, but she does feel awkward. Hence why these two go out on a mission together in hopes of them getting used to each other and understanding their mindset.

The ship tease these two have are off the charts. It’s definitely blatant that they are a possible end-game ship. Heck, even Celia and Hugo tease Leo about this. However, I’m glad that Michelle isn’t the stereotypical love interest that some anime games like to pigeon-hole women into (Cheria deserves better). Because of Celia Episode 1 and Michelle Episode 1, the players already get a good grasp of who Michelle is as a character and this episode gives more depth onto why she behaves sourly towards Leo. Because she lost her grandfather to unfortunate circumstances, she perceived herself as weak because she was too nice to let go of him. Because of this, she believed kindness was a weakness of some sorts. Because Leo treats her like a frail girl due to his noble mindset, it annoys her. I think it’s very understandable.

I shouldn’t give Leo too much flak for this. Being noble is carved into his blood to the point that it could affect his daily activities. However, you can’t deny he loves and respects his grandmother a lot to the point that he instills her wisdom into him. He loves and respects her so much that he couldn’t help but to see her in Michelle. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Michelle Bouquet got GRANDMA-ZONED! I wonder how Leo is going to get out of this mess in the future if he truly falls for Michelle.

Michelle’s fighting abilities is still hardcore. I stand by the notion of her being the best healer in the franchise. She can create a healing circle that can last quite a while and she can create mana beasts from her mana as combat. She’s a fearsome mage and the best one in this game. It’s heartening to have some back up this time around as Michelle was completely solo in her first episode, meaning she had to do all the fighting and healing herself. I think her fighting style suited me so perfectly, which was why I was able to maneuver her so well.

Other than the plot, I did like seeing how Michelle fared at Aedis Academy. It turns out that she’s very popular with the boys despite her not liking the attention. She’s also reliable, as Yelsy pointed out. I’m glad that she’s faring well at school because she never attended one before as told in Michelle Episode 1. I do wonder how Aedis will help with her healing abilities as it seems that she’s the only mage/healer in the school; Aedis Academy is filled with fighters from sword users to gunners to archers to pole arm and dagger users. Michelle sort of sticks out like a sore thumb, but that doesn’t mean she’s useless. She’s far from useless.

What did you Luminaria players think about this episode? Do you guys ship LeoMiche? Would you assume they’d be endgame had the game lasted longer? I just hope no one sees Michelle and Leo in a negative light here. They’re both awkward teenagers trying to get used to each other. What I want to know is how the voice actors felt when they got to this scene while recording. Were they as baffled as the players?



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