Ludger Will Kresnik - Tales of Xillia 2

I guess this is what it’s like to be a big brother.
  • Localized Name: Ludger Will Kresnik
  • JP Romanized: Ludger Will Kresnik
  • JP: ルドガー・ウィル・クルスニク (Rudoga Wiru Kurusuniku)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Designed by: Daigo Okumura
  • Race: Human
  • Weapon: Dual Blades, Dual Pistols, Sledgehammer, and Lance (only when in Chromatus form)
  • Voice Actor:
    • JP: Takashi Kondo
    • English: Josh Grelle

Ludger Will Kresnik is a young man whose choices can change the fate of the world. He lives with his older brother, Julius, and their cat, Rollo, in the city of Trigleph in Elympios. Ludger is very responsible and is a talented chef. He dreams of following in his brother's footsteps to become an agent of the powerful Spirius Corporation.

On his first day at his new job at a train station, Ludger protects a mysterious girl named Elle from hijackers and ends up with a 20 million gald debt from the medical bills for their injuries. Ludger possesses a mysterious power called the Chromatus, which allows him to destroy the divergence catalysts in fractured dimensions. For this reason, he is recruited by the powerful Spirius Corporation to destroy the fractured dimensions that threaten their own Prime Dimension.

Ludger is a mostly silent protagonist, with all of his major dialogue selected through player choice.

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