Namco Bandai Holds a Tales of Skit Design Contest For Fans

The Tales of Series Facebook page is holding a Tales of Skit Design contest! The main gist is that you have to design a skit, similar to the skits you see in Tales games. See the example below with Hideo Baba himself!

Rules to remember: YES, your skit can have original characters. NO, you CANNOT use official art (the skit faces, etc.) from the games, you have to draw them - you can draw Tales characters EXCEPT Tales of Xillia 2 characters. (Yes, characters from games not localized are allowed, such as Tales of Hearts, Innocence, etc. Except Xillia 2).

The skits have a maximum limit of 5 panels, it also can't have more than 5 characters starring in it in total. The text PER panel cannot exceed 350 characters, spaces included. And more than one character can speak inside a single panel. Also, one individual can only submit ONE entry.

Winners will be decided via fan votes. The top 10 voted submissions will be sent to a jury, and they'll decide the final 5 winners, one for each language, Those 5 will win goodies (a Tales of Xillia cotton bag, stickers and magnets, a Teepo steelcase), the Tales of Xillia game (in their language, I believe) and an autograph by Hideo Baba!

Contest duration: May 20, 2013 - June 21, 2013 (18:00 French time). Voting will be from June 22 to June 28. Winners will be announced on July 1st.

The contest is open to the following countries. It's practically worldwide, even my country's allowed to participate (ignore the fact that my country's encircled, I'm just happy okay):

Important Links: Submit your skits here | IMGUr | Quick Rules | FAQ | Full PDF of Rules

So, what're you waiting for? Get to creating! And also...

Don't make Baba-san sad :(.

EDIT: To those whose countries/states aren't allowed to participate, please consider the fact that the reason for this may be because your country/state has particular laws that are preventing the contest to be done where you live. Please don't say that Namco Bandai hates you or that you yourself hate them for this. It's not their fault. I myself don't know if it really is because of laws or not, but whatever it may be, they have valid reasons of doing so. So please don't hate them for this.

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