Tales Producer Hideo Baba Clarifies The Tales of Symphonia HD Rumor

JPGames.de was able to have a talk with Tales of Series producer Hideo Baba in Munich, Germany. The full interview from them isn't out yet, but here is what Baba-san said regarding the recent Tales of Symphonia HD remaster rumor.

When directly asked about the rumor, Baba-san replied that he was the one surprised by thatwhen he heard the rumor from fans. Fans told him that it'll be Symphonia's 10th anniversary soon, yes, but but so far what they really only have in mind are along the lines of a Tales of Cafe event or at NamcoCon. These are, however, so far only ideas they have to celebrate that, and not actual plans yet.

Baba-san also adds: "We can’t really say anything before announcements are made and it’s always a bit surprising when people ask us about rumors like that. It would be best to just wait for new information [about Tales of Symphonia’s 10th anniversary]. Before we announce something, a rumor is just a rumor after all (laughs)."

All we can really do as of now is just wait and see, I guess.

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