Tales of Berseria 3rd Trailer Long Version Reaches One Million+ Views on YouTube

And that doesn't even count all the reuploads!

Congratulations to Bandai Namco for having the 3rd trailer of Tales of Berseria reach a million views on YouTube!

The long version of Tales of Berseria's third trailer has reached 1,000,000+ views on YouTube as of the time of writing this article.

But why bother making a post? Because this hasn't happened in, like, a long time, probably? Well, at the very least it hasn't happened since Tales of Xillia or Tales of Graces f. I can't account for Vesperia's time because the trailers are no longer on Bandai Namco's YouTube channel (or were they even there to begin with? I can't seem to recall), but as of the moment, Tales of Berseria's 3rd trailer (long version) currently has the highest view count for any Tales trailer on YouTube. So congratulations, Bandai Namco!

This doesn't even count the views of the same trailer from the North American and European Bamco channels, which roughly have 98,000 and 37,000 views respectively. To see the trailer in English, you can view it at their channels below:

Hopefully the game itself will be as successful as how their promotion's going so far.

Tales of Berseria
Tales of BerseriaTales of Berseria is the latest mothership title of the Tales of Series which was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015. The game was released for both the PS3 and PS4 on August 18, 2016 in Japan, January 24, 2017 in North America and January 27, 2017 in Europe for the PS4 and PC. The game features a female protagonist named Velvet and a theme of pirates and ships. It's also confirmed as a distant prequel to Tales of Zestiria.

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  • Shon

    For now it look better from TOZ solely because they moved back to how things were in old titles (like TOX-) however I still bothered after watching the gameplay by the fact we still have the lazy and dead UI we had in TOZ and other games that not were developed by the main mother studio (TOG and etc)

    If you played games that not were developed by the main studio (before they closed the old studio when they merge with Namco ofc)

    You probably noticed that these games had many things cut from them mostly in the UI and battle quote side, for example: battle system tend to be with 3D camera view rather then 2D view (one of the things that TOZ suffered), the UI in the battle don't show the characters picture next to their attack which make you wonder which character use art without, the games don't have the standard 3-4 chapters and can have 16+ chapters since they split them in different way (more lame imo and I will say why here ---> ) Which also effect the battle quote we get, in TOV,TOX we will have more battle quotes and they will change each chapter or after something happened in the plot (I personally don't recall seeing BQ from chapter one when I was in chapter 3, it honestly just unrelated/unserious at this point of the game (TOG and TOZ) and made it look as if the characters didn't evolved with the plot) Another thing you may noticed is that that in both TOZ and TOG we didn't had the "Hay I level up!" quote, mostly since in both of these games players had to focus on something else rather than the level of the character (TOG = titles, TOZ=Equipment) it still felt off and in TOZ there were Many unbaked ideas that were just useless at the long run just like the equipment idea..., another thing is that many mini games tend to be removed though not completely, TOG was designed to be small game that got better fixed version later on (Yea I still remember the method they used in TOS, TOV, TOG, and TOX were they made more than half game just to re-release it with better version later on (in TOS case it not was that bad but in TOV and TOG it was noticeable and Horrible) for the PS3, but I find it sad they actually kept going with TOG way and made things smaller/liner compared to their old games, I personally still want the chibi world map back together with the fixed camera and puzzles in dungeons but TO studios way to try new directions so we can't do much.
    One last thing you many notched in these games (TOG, TOZ, and other games that came before mostly from the sister studio iirc) is that they don't have over limit ;( I rather have them than the cheap amatruz we had in TOZ and that thing we got on TOG after we finish the main plot)

    • a745

      That was long, but very much on point. I very much agree with what you said.

      • Shon

        Sorry if I may sounded like someone who talk out of hate for some since it didn't was my intention, And also for my bad English~

    • donkey3

      I usually don't read long comments like this one, but I made an exception. Great analysis. Couldn't agree more.

      This might look like me getting on the hate bandwagon. I played and beaten Tales of Zestiria in 45 hours or so. Words cannot describe how dissapointed I am with that game. I'd even say it tarnished the Tales of franchise.

      Tales games have been going downhill ever since Hideo Baba became the producer of the main series after Vesperia. Now that he's replaced, I have high hope for Berseria.

  • Shon

    oh yea and I forgot to mention what I meant by dead UI in TOZ, What I meant was aside from all what I said above was that we have no icon for items anymore (just general background)
    For game that make you rely on item fuse it look lazy and weird and lame to be absent, remember how in the good old rpgs we even could view items in 3d? after that they realize it a lot of work and money over nothing so they moved to 2D, And now we got this?
    Really? o_O

  • Vandoeun Long

    i love chips as well oh and jrpgs

  • Crystal Power

    I was keeping an eye on this myself, glad to see it passes 1 million views! I notice the trailers for Berseria has been gathering a lot of views, and as mentioned the western trailers as well.

    We can see the interest and momentum. I'm glad to see much interest being for the next Tales of!

  • donkey3

    If the view counts actually indicate anything, this might actually top Zedtiria's sales number, or at least I hope so.

  • Yuri the Reaper

    Berseria is going to be epic! I'm really excited for it. Also, I really like the new site layout.