Radiant Mythology 2 Updates

A bunch of new videos have been added, featuring a few new original characters (Shoh CorronNiata, and Janis and his assistant, who have been previously announced already) and Claire Bennett from Tales of Rebirth.


Translations of info for the new characters are done, but are to be put up at a later time... For a reason >___>.

They also put up the commercial we previously showed you today, so a good enough quality is now available for download:

Radiant Mythology 2 Commercial 1 Download (Format: WMV - 1.89MB)

One interesting tidbit. It seems the Japanese version of RM2 has different "English" names for some of the classes, quite different from the English localized names... Am I making sense here? For example:

Localized English Name -------> Japanese English Name
Warrior ----> Fighter
Fighter ----> Grappler

As for the official names for some of the newly announced classes:
Broadswordsman ----> Brandish
Twinswordsman ----> Twinsword

(Source: Tales of Magazine Volume 4, pages 42-45. If you want a scan of it, just tell me and no, I'm not scanning the whole mag XD)

EDIT: It seems that we're currently being moved to a new server. Some functions, like uploading stuff to the gallery, and even updating any other page besides the news page, are disabled as of the moment. Hopefully, things will be okay soon. We're sorry for the inconvenience ^^;;

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