Tales of Series Game Coming to Nintendo Switch by March 2018

Get ready for Tales on the Switch

Bandai Namco Group Japan reveals in its annual financial report presentation that a Tales game is slated for the Nintendo Switch for this fiscal year.

In Bandai Namco Group Japan's annual financial report presentation, the company reveals that they have a "Tales of Series" title planned (at the lower right, listed at the bottom of the list), along with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Taiko Master.

The said game is listed for this fiscal year, meaning they plan to have the game released by March 2018. Bandai Namco's fiscal year spans April 1st to March 31st.

A Tales game for Switch was also discreetly announced during the Nintendo Switch presentation last January, with the Tales of Series listed as one of the Switch's many upcoming titles.

At present, we still don't know if it will be an entirely new game or a port of some sort. The nearest and biggest event where we could possibly hear more about this would be the upcoming Tales of Festival 2017 this June 2-4. Abyssal Chronicles will be there at the event once again as part of the official press, so stay tuned for news updates from us!

The Nintendo Switch is currently available for pre-order!

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  • Shon

    I think it already been confirmed to be TOB

    • a745

      Nope, it hasn't been confirmed yet.

    • Simon Low

      Nope, nothing was confirmed. All those statements about ToB getting a port are just rumours that people spread around....

  • Hyou Vizer

    new title hopefully, like Switch needs another damn port ugh

    • Zeonis

      I am not sure IP is the right terminology but I get what you mean.

      • Hyou Vizer

        yeah i edited it afterwards, thanks for correcting me tho

  • Zeonis

    If it is a brand new game and not exclusive to Switch I will just buy it for PS4.

  • Jean Sébastien

    I hope for the Switch it's a whole new mothership title otherwise it won't be a system seller. Personally I would prefer the next mothership title to be on the PS4 since that's the system I have and I'm not interested at all in the Switch. It's selfish but I hope it will be a port already existing on PS3 or 4.

    If it's a new mothership title or Radiant Mythology 4 and exclusive to the Switch I'll buy that system, hoping I won't regret it later (I bought an Xbox 360 for Vesperia and finally got a better version not even one year later on the PS3 I already owned...).

  • GraysonXIV

    While a port seems likely given the timing, I really hope it's something other than ToZ or ToB. It would be hard to justify buying either one of them again this soon...