New Tales of Trademarks: Tales of Zestoria, Creales and Catastora

Namco Bandai Japan has filed three new Tales of trademarks (which may or may not become the next Tales game). The three trademarks are:

- Tales of Zestoria????? ?? ?????
- Tales of Creales????? ?? ?????
- Tales of Catastora????? ?? ?????To those who don't get how this works, Namco Bandai Japan files trademarks of possible Tales titles from time to time in order to reserve that title for their use. This may or may not become a future title. There are times when a title may never be used (past trademarked titles that we never got to see include Tales of Floweria and Tales of Unitia), then there are times when it does get used but is modified (Tales of Gracia -> Tales of Graces).

So what does this tell us? The next Tales of game is indeed in the works, and its title may be one of these three titles.

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