A Little Tales of Hearts Gallery Update~ + Thanks~~!/Questions~!

Reeaaally minor Tales of Hearts gallery update. Added a few screenshots, just click the thumbnails above to view their respective galleries.

And thanks to everyone who supported our subs =D. Episode 2 will be out by either Thursday or Friday, and then we'll try to release Episode 3 earlier~ Also, big thank you to VantheSlayer for donating to the site! The torrent and MegaUpload link for the SD version is up in the previous post by the way. BTW, to those wondering, we will be putting up a version 2 of the first episode subs after we get episode 3 out, for consistency purposes with the upcoming episodes. (smaller arte banners, better quality, we screwed up something in the subs' style and we'll fix that up in the ver 2, two versions: HD MKV in H264 with soft subs and the usual SD XviD AVI one, etc. etc. etc.)

Also a question, or rather, survey. We've noticed that a lot complained about the arte banners in the subs. Should we either:

Apple gel: Make the banner way smaller, and make it appear only for a way shorter period of time OR

Orange gel: Disregard putting them in future episodes.

Please answer with either apple gel or orange gel~ It's your call =D. (Although personally we like them, but they just need a bit of tweaking ...)

BTW look at the new TalesBrigade promotion banner below each news post. It -might- be of interest (get a chance to win a copy of Vesperia =D)

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